“Are you Shaved?”

No wonders to me who witnessed it, but unbelievable for those who can’t imagine humanity in such a mesirable condition.

It was daytime when I went to Madrasa to take admission. It was the only choice to prevent being taken to the war frontline as a soldier. I was wearing a black turban with one meter long part of it hanging over the clothes and a Kandahari vest. I entered the Madrasa and saw students (Talibs) playing volleyball. It refreshed me. “At least they are not against sports” I thought.

The mullah asked me “Are you shaved?”. I wondered, what does he means by that. Is he talking about my beard? But my beard is not grown and he can see it if it’s shaved or not…many questions as such came to my mind. His loud voice brought me back: “I asked are you shaved?”.  With fear, I answered his question by another one, “Shaved what Mullah Sahib?”. “Hmmmmm” he replied: “It seems that you don’t understand the rules of Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan”. I said no. He whispered into my ear: “Have you shaved your penis?”. A loud ring was played in my ears. “What kind of a question this could be” I thought. The Mullah later explained why is it important in Islam to take care of cleanliness in every aspect and that a Talib must be aware of his cleanliness all the time.

Two months passed, I became the supervising student of the class. With over 30 students (mostly elder than me) I built a reputage and earned respect among others. It was because I had nothing else to do during the day and kept studying whatever lessions we were thaught and answer Mullah’s questions whenever he felt like asking one. Others were occupied with jobs like being a mechanic, shopkeeper, ironsmith, bus conductor & ….
During the period I studied in the Madrasa (7 months) weeky, the Mullah used to check every Talib’s cleanliness. It included bringing his Shalwar (pant) down and checking whether he is “shaved” or not. Other items were checking the hair, checking the nails, checking the teeth &… . They never told any student not to smoke anything. They said “do whatevery you wish to”.
At the first, it was very hard for most of us to bear something like that, but the shy feeling faded away gradualy and it was ordinary for us in four months.
The punishment for those who, inspite of warning of Mullah, didn’t shave his puberty area, was to whip the defaulter 5 times. It wasn’t a fixed number of whips but it was upto our Mullah’s interest. If the Talib was a friend or relative of him, he used to forgive them sometimes as well as appointing a very less number of whips for him.
The Mullah used to dye his beard every week and as he said, it is ”sunnat” to do it. When he was thinking about something, he used to curl his beard and stare at some point.
(Sunnat is an attribute which is ordered by Prophit Mohammad).
  1. I liked reading your article, thank god they aren’t against sports:-)

  2. Charles says:

    Very informative, thank you for sharing.

  3. More contradictions. Hairy chins OK. …. some sports OK, not all sports. Have you thought about writing a (fictionized for safety) autobiography … in English? I would certainly purchase and read it.—Bear

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