Taliban Memories

  1. LeAnn Michelle Dunkin says:

    Hello Mustafa, I am a follower of yours on twitter and a few times have tried to send you messages of encouragement when at times it seemed that you were having a hard time or a bad day. The work you do must be a very heavy weight upon your shoulders and mind. I do believe what you do does matter to many, and i know you dont feel greatly appreciated at times. I find you have great insights into the war and daily life within Afghanistan. That is important to all your people and the world, many do not know of the struggles faced and it all puts a personal touch on a war at times doesnt seem to be going in the diretion to resolve the evils that torment all people in the area. Im serious when i say please write a book telling your life story, I along with many would read it. Sometimes the path out of the darkness of pain is to put it all down on paper for the light of day. There are many worldwide who would love to help you heal so that you will be in the group to help rebuild a peaceful Afghanistan for the future generations. May you be blessed with peace an love! LeAnn

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