Afghan Forces & US military in contradiction over who killed the “ISIS leader” in Afghanistan

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Daily incidents

February 10, 2015
by Mustafa Kazemi


Reports of ISIS presence in Afghanistan put the public in a greater worry & fear while the security agencies were alarmed about a more serious, bitter threat than the Taliban.

Security Forces in Afghanistan achieved a not-like-before victory over fighters associated with ISIS in Afghanistan on Monday.

A former Taliban commander who had detached himself from the Taliban and joined the ISIS, was killed in a special operation in southern Helmand province on Monday.

The operation that killed Abdul Rauf, known as “Khadem” is covered in a controversy while Afghan and US forces present two different accounts of the operation that killed “the guy”.

In one account, the Police Chief of Helmand province Gen. Nabi Jaan Mulakhel speaking to a ToloNews reporter, said that Abdul Rauf was killed in a drone strike by US forces in volatile Helmand’s Kajaki district.

While a spokesperson for the US-led international peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan presented the same account to the New York Times, but dodging the question of whether Abdul Rauf, known as “Khadem” was the actual target of the drone strike.

Colonel Brian Tribus did not provide further information in this report by the New York Times.

National Directorate of Security (NDS), Afghanistan’s primary intelligence organization however claim that it was the intelligence agency’s special operations unit that conducted “a series of operations” and killed Abdul Rauf.

According to an official NDS statement, “Abdul Rauf, known as “Khadem”” was killed in “a series of operations today at 10:28 am in Sadat area of Kajaki district.”

“…five companions of Abdul Rauf were also killed in these operations”.

“Commander Abdul Rauf was one of the most important targets for the security agencies of Afghanistan since months”, the NDS said.

If confirmations would later determine whether Abdul Rauf was killed in a US drone strike or Afghan forces’ operations, this will be the first operation against the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

One NDS official who wanted to remain unnamed, says “we have no place and tolerance for ISIS in here.”

Presence of ISIS-associated insurgents appeared in the media as early as September in Afghanistan with a deadly attack in which ISIS beheaded 15 family members of Afghan police officers in Eastern Afghanistan, according to this NBC report.





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