Taliban Sexually Abused Afghan Teenager after Forcing Him to Join the Insurgency

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Daily incidents

By Mustafa Kazemi

    An Afghan teenager Named Nesaar Ahmad was forced by the Taliban in southern Kandahar province to join them as a fighter, and then raped by his senior commander several times.

A press statement from Kandahar Media Office further explained that the Taliban in in Panjwai district first asked Nesaar to join them but when he refused it, they warned to kill him along with his father & mother.

Nesaar Ahmad, who is 15-years-old says he was helpless after the warning and thus joined the Taliban. After joining them, he was appointed as a spy and was tasked to communicate information about Afghan Forces’ via a VHF radio to the Taliban.

According to him, after a short while the Taliban commander named “Musaafir” (his commander) appointed him as his personal bodyguard and since his new assignment, Mullah Musaafir started to sexually abuse him constantly.

Nesaar Ahmad was freed during a clearance operation yesterday in the said district and told his story to the media in the same district only.

He was constantly raped and sexually abused from the time he was assigned his commander assigned him as his personal bodyguard until he was rescued by the Afghan Forces yesterday.

Kandahar Media Office shared Nesaar Ahmad’s photo and ‘confession’ video but his face is blurred out.



  1. dustybear1 says:

    That is disgusting

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