Taliban Insurgents Attack UN Immigration Office Guesthouse in Afghan Capital Kabul

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Daily incidents

By Mustafa Kazemi

    Five terrorists attacked a guesthouse belonging to the U.N. immigration agency I.O.M. in Kabul city Friday afternoon.

The first terrorist who was carrying a suicide bombing vest blew himself up at the early stages of the attack; four others engaged a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) team of the Afghan National Police.

Within less than an hour, the Police QRF Team in cooperation with military troops from the National Directorate of Security (Afghanistan’s Intelligence service) killed two other of the insurgents.

Several government and important facilities are located in the vicinity of the attack site including a branch of the Indian Embassy, A multispecialty hospital of the Afghan intelligence service, and the Interior Ministry.

At the early minutes of attack, two civilians who were present at the area were wounded which were transported to a medical facility by security forces.

The I.O.M. guesthouse hosted a few foreign nationals and was guarded by Nepalese security guards.

Taliban insurgents took responsibility of the attack. In an Email, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman said that they attacked a “CIA guesthouse in Kabul that cause many casualties”.

The I.O.M.’s international staffers were evacuated by the police while the combat between two insurgents and the Police QRF continued.

During the combat between the insurgents and the Police two of the Nepalese guards of the U.N. I.O.M. guesthouse were wounded.

Four members of the Afghan Police were also wounded in combating the insurgents.

A journalist with a German news wire, DPA tweeted “two expats (one Italian), 4 Nepalese security guards have been injured in the Kabul IOM attack.”

According to Sediq Sediqi, the spokesperson for Afghan Interior Ministry, the two remaining insurgents were fighting with AK-47s and hand grenades.

The 4th insurgent is killed by the Afghan Police Quick Reaction Force. One insurgent is still alive in combat with Afghan Police.

The combat between the remaining insurgent and the Police was continuing until filing of first update of this story (2018 Kabul Local Time).

Firing and the blasts caused by the use of grenades are heard around the city in areas close to the attack site.

At 1202 on Saturday Kabul Local Time the last insurgent was killed by Afghan security forces, putting an end to a siege that left 8 people wounded.




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