Taliban Attack U.S. Military Air Base in Eastern Afghanistan (Round Up)

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Daily incidents, Heavy attacks, Stories
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By Mustafa Kazemi

Kabul (Combat Journalist) – Taliban insurgents attacked a U.S. Military Air Base early Sunday Morning in Eastern Afghanistan’s Jalalabad city.

Several Taliban insurgents equipped with suicide bombing vests and light assault rifles attacked Forward Operation Base Fenty’s main gate in Jalalabad city around 05:50 GMT on Sunday.

U.S. and Afghan Forces stationed at the Air Base’s entrance responded to the attack that was followed by multiple explosions caused by suicide blasts, according to the multinational International Security Assistance Forces’ Joint Command here in Kabul.

Several U.S. Military troops were wounded as a result of the attack, but the exact figure was not disclosed by the Joint Command due to operational security.

A spokesperson for Taliban insurgents immediately claimed responsibility of the attack via an email, claiming to have caused a high number of fatalities to both US & Afghan troops.

U.S. Army and Afghan Police forces guarding the main perimeter of the Air Base responded to the attack that led to death of three Afghan Army Service Members and wounding of 7 others from Shahin Battalion of Afghan Army, An Intelligence Official told the BBC Reporter.

Following the suicide explosions by the Taliban insurgents, An AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter belonging to the U.S. Army engaged the insurgents at short altitude which ended the siege.

An OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter also with the U.S. Army scouted the siege throughout while the Apache attack helo later fired on the attackers, ending the nearly one hour siege.

Forward Operation Base Fenty is a Joint U.S.-Afghan Military Air Base serving both Aerial & Infantry Operations purposes for the Province & the region.

F.O.B. Fenty is attached to Jalalabad city’s civilian airport, which also houses U.S. military troops along with few other bases in the province.

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