Taliban RPG & Assault Rifles Supplier Arrested in NATO Operation in Kandahar

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Daily incidents

Kabul (November 14) – A senior Taliban weapons and ammunition facilitator was arrested in Kandahar today.

Prior to his arrest, the Taliban facilitator was reportedly arranging to buy rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and a large quantity of assault-style rifles for the insurgency in the province.

The security force also detained three suspected insurgents and seized several assault rifles, other firearms and body armor as a result of the operation.

Another joint operation by ISAF & Afghan forces, a Taliban IED attack leader was arrested in Kandahar province today.

The detained Taliban leader is believed responsible for the coordination and emplacement of IED attacks targeting Afghan and coalition forces in the province.

Afghan and coalition forces today confirmed the arrest of a Taliban weapons facilitator in Helmand province Monday. The detained Taliban leader is alleged to have regularly distributed heavy weapons and ammunition to Taliban fighters in the province.


Some parts of this story were contributed by the ISAF Joint Command Press Desk.


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