US Army soldiers’ suicide doubled in July

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Features, Stories

By Mustafa Kazemi
August 17, 2012

The US Army released suicide data today for the month of July.

During July, among active-duty soldiers, there were 26 potential suicides: one has been confirmed as suicide and 25 remain under investigation.

For June, the Army reported 11 potential suicides among active-duty soldiers; since the release of that report, one case has been added for a total of 12 cases: two have been confirmed as suicides and 10 remain under investigation.

For 2012, there have been 116 potential active-duty suicides: 66 have been confirmed as suicides and 50 remain under investigation.

Active-duty suicide number for 2011: 165 confirmed as suicides and no cases under investigation.

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  1. Farhaj says:

    We come home from Deployments to the following:

    1) Infidelity
    2) Debt
    3) Unemployment
    4) Alcohol & drug use
    5) No understanding from Civilians regarding the war

    That’s why these guys are commuting Suicide. Be cause they don’t have the courage to take up Uncle Sam’s offer of help, their loved ones don’t understand combat stress and there’s booze around.

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