I have endless thanks to DustyBear for the time he takes to write about me. This is a literature piece handmade by him.

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Daily incidents

Mustafa weaves a story in magic via words & pictures that touch, inspire, and thrill. & TELL…a story of his world rooted in both love and the need to share. His world, thru his prism, is one not easily ignored NOR ever forgotten

  1. I appreciate the kind words as much as I appreciate the professionalism & compassion of Mustafa Kazemi. He is a truly unique individual who is providing an invaluable service to the rest of the world about Afghanistan

  2. dustybear1 says:

    I’m watching the coverage of the Sikh shooting in Wisconsin, but I am also reminded of something I’ve been meaning to say, and am embarrassed that I haven’t. I will now. Shortly after I met Mustafa, I began to notice something. Then I looked around, and I realized. MUSTAFA COVERS OUR CASUALTIES in Afgh. & he does it with grace. BUT WHY IS HE THE ONLY ONE THAT SEEMS TO BE DOING SO? WHERE IS OUR AMERICAN MEDIA?

    WHY WHY WHY are OUR TROOPS DYING IN AFGHANISTAN…almost virtually anonymously. WE OWE THEM BETTER THAN THAT, and thanks to @Combatjourno at least HE is doing something to call attention to our brave troops. MY HATS OFF, MUSTAFA. THANK YOU. OUR men and women in uniform DESERVE what you do…and more. It’s bad enough that we do NO reporting besides numbers on AFGHANI deaths, but we SHOULD AT LEAST say something about OUR people WE are losing. I think THIS among other things is what has brought me to a feeling of enormous respect for Mustafa’s heart which causes him to DO the reporting he does the way he does it. NOT just numbers, HE recognizes THESE ARE PEOPLE.

    Again, Thanks Mate. You do journalism proud.

    I know. I get really emotional about this stuff, but DAMMIT… it is the UNemotional, DISengaged, APATHETIC MISFITS that DON”T recognize and acknowledge the HUMANITY in events that REALLY piss me off. I’ll be the way I am ANY day of the week. AT least I FEEL…more than I can say for way too many.

    As for my previous comments, let me sum up my feelings THIS way…

    GIVE ME A JOURNALIST WHO REPORTS THE FACTS, and I will be INFORMED. BUT GIVE ME A JOURNALIST WHO GOES BEYOND THE STATISTICS AND PUTS A SENSE OF HUMANITY INTO THE STORY, AND I….TRUST ME, I…WILL BE…INSPIRED. THAT, Boys and Gerbils is what Mustafa does. There are others too to be fair. But, it is this fact that I respect most about HE AND THE FEW OTHERS, who put THEMSELVES into it, and not just their heads and cell phones and laptops.

    WITHOUT JOURNALISTS LIKE HIM, WE are LITTLE ELSE but walking computers. Facts and figures, SIGNIFYING NOTHING.

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