Blasts killed 10 children in two days in Afghanistan

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Stories

Kabul (Afghanistan) — Seven Afghan children were killed in an explosion believed to have been caused by a civil war era landmine in Western Ghor province Tuesday.

The children were shepherds and were out to feed their cuttles.

Police chief of Ghor province told a local reporter in Herat province, there is possibility of the explosion being cause by an IED planted by insurgents but since the area is a mere desert, it is surely caused by a landmine left from the anti-soviet or civil war era.

Three other children were also killed in Southern Kandahar province yesterday in a similar incident.

The children had found the bomb on a roadside and regarded it a toy and begun to play with it.

The IED exploded, killing all three children right away.

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  1. Good work, keep it up, we will get more and more information about Afghanistan in particular and the Region

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