Afghan Policeman kills three NATO contractors in Western Afghanistan

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Daily incidents, Stories

Kabul (Afghanistan) — An Afghan policemen in western Herat province opened fire on three expat contractors of the ISAF inside a regional training facility, killing all three Sunday afternoon.

The spokesperson for governor of Herat province confirmed that the shooter was an Afghan uniformed Police, and was a member of the 606th Ansar Regional Training Facility, the compound where the shooting incident took place.

The shooter was killed immediately by other forces present at the scene.

The three killed contractors were mentoring and training the Afghan Police in Western Afghanistan.

The spokesman said that the interpreter of the contractors was wounded following the shooting.

According to an ISAF staff who wished to remain unknown, the contractors were U.S. citizens and worked for DynCorp International, a private security firm providing multiple military and civilian mentoring and protection services to the U.S. military and civilian personnel in Afghanistan.


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