Letter from a US Defense Department Official in Afghanistan About Burning of Koran

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Daily incidents

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

NOTE — This letter is approved for release to the public and is an unclassified text. It reflects ISAF’s viewpoint that they ‘absolutely do not endorse the incident where The Quran was burned’, neither the subsequent violence waves where a high number of civilian lives were lost. This letter does not contains classified information.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful and the Most Forgiving

As a Muslim, and a civilian service member, I condemn the burning of the Quran, understand that the actions were unintentional and accept the sincere apologies of my leadership.

The Afghan people must understand that the act was not intentional and that those responsible will be held to account.  Though ignorance played its part in the unfortunate actions, I truly believe that there was no malicious intent. The responsible party has already had to witness the sorrow and anger of the Muslim community; must he now bear the weight of the lives lost? Must the innocent bystanders bear the wrath of those who let their anger best the teachings of the Quran they so cherish?

As a Muslim I forgive and know that Allah (J) will stay the hand of the misguided. He stalled the hand of ignorance through one of his followers who risked himself to preserve the divine Word. The Word that now is being taken as a justification by the enemies of true Islam and twisted to end lives that Allah (J) holds beloved above all of his creations. Lives that are taken by those that cannot see past their anger. Let Him use all of us to stall the hands of our enemies and strengthen Afghanistan and Islam.

I assure you, America is not your enemy. Every day I see my fellow colleagues who put their lives on the line for the sake of Afghan people.  I am proud to say that I am a Muslim, Afghan-American; here in Afghanistan to create better lives for my Afghan people. Your true enemy surrounds your borders; creating chaos and confusion amongst you, using you to carry out their mission. The passion and dedication of the Muslims in Afghanistan cannot be defeated when focused. Let us focus on destroying poverty and ending the corruption that our enemies have visited upon us. Let the true Muslims of Afghanistan focus their wrath on the criminals that exploit the country from the inside for their personal gain at the expense of the people. Let us bring the wrath of the people to bear on those that corrupt from the inside and destroy the lives of the children, and the future of Afghanistan.

My anguished people of Afghanistan, I beg you, please think about the power of choice that you have been given by Allah (J). I truly believe with my heart and soul that Allah (J) does not want his most beloved creation to kill each other over the burning of the holy Quran.  The guilty will be punished but the lives so far lost due to the demonstrations were innocent individuals who are gone forever.  Put an end to the loss of more lives over an unintentional act.  Please stop the violence and follow the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBU),   a gentle, loving soul and who forgave far more serious offences than the recent events.  Afghanistan is a nation which has seen more than its share of violence.

ENOUGH! Let us come together with our true friends and continue working on the plan to rebuild this war torn nation.  Let us not administer any more suffering to our beloved Afghanistan with ignorance and violence.  Let us put a stop to the exploitation of this incident by our true enemies.  Some things happen in the great design of Allah (J) that tests us and our strength to forgive, let us show that Muslims can rise to this challenge.

Lastly I must remind people to please remember what Allah (J) state in the glorious Quran.

” -Allah says He has revealed the Quran and He will protect it (15:9).”

Let us take this opportunity to overcome our anger and come together, instead of letting anger tear us apart.


Salaam (Peace)

A US Government Representative & Decision Maker in Afghanistan

© Mustafa Kazemi – Combat Journalist Blog.

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