Six members of an Afghan family murdered brutally

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Daily incidents, Stories

Last night in Southwestern Nimruz province, six members of a family were murdered.

Unknown men jumped inside Niaz Mohammad’s house and strangulated Niaz & his wife.

They then stabbed and murdered four of their children mostly girls.

They probably did not see the 3 years old child that they left alive. He is the only survivor of the 7 members family out of which 6 were murdered.

Niaz was a man with a moderate economy. He had a store where he used to sell clothes for people who then used to make dresses with those clothes.

He was weighing 200+ KGs and was famous throughout the province for his unhealthy weight.

He had no affiliation with any government organization or anything that insurgents would call it unlawful.

Police chief of Nimruz told me that’s not an insurgency related incident. Its fueled from personal enmity and hostilities.

The bodies of the dead are covered and are supposed to be buried today afternoon.

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