Half a day of text SMS by the Taliban

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Features, Stories

Taliban update the press all the time about their activities throughout the country. They do exaggerate the numbers always; in some very rare incidents, they have provided the same casualty toll of their enemy (being Afghan government) same as what all officials provided.

A good example is the tragic crash of a Chinook CH-47 helo of the US Navy SEALs that was shot by an RPG and the crash resulted in 38 people dying. In the morning of that day, Zabihullah Mujahid said they “have killed 31 invaders” and I ignored the message as usual. But later on during the day, it turned out to be as accurate as President Karzai was.

Here’s a brief list of a number of their text messages I received since morning. No official confirmation, of course, on any of the incidents in these areas.

The word Badr in parenthesis is the name of summer offensive Taliban started. They put this at the beginning of every update that is a part of Badr Summer offensive.

Here’s how the Taliban report their activities through SMS to the media.

1. (Badr) Last night at 1’o clock on Parwan-Bagram way, An American (military) convoy (was attacked) with a heavy explosion. Four soldiers ‘murdered’, one Tank totally destroyed. The landmine weighted 70 Kilo Grams. 09:14:29 AM

2. (Badr) Last night at 7’o clock in a treasury digging site in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province, a big American tank was blown up, 6 soldiers were murdered and wounded. 10:33:53 AM

3. Yesterday at 03:00 in Andar Abo village of Ghazni, an American unmanned aircraft was attacked and crashed. Also, the Team that came to the area was attacked too, 1 tank destroyed, 2 murdered. 10:40:29 AM

4. (Badr) Today at 9:00 in Khost province’s Baraki area of Doamando district, a Ranger vehicle of the intelligence (personnel) was blown up, six people were murdered on the spot. 11:12:18 AM

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