Afghanistan: A battleground for over 10 years

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Features

April 15, 2010 – Kabul; Combat Zone, (Afghanistan)

Afghanistan is turning into an absolute combat zone now. Recently, the insurgent groups have grown much stronger and are able to conduct attacks at key ANP, ANA, ANSF, ALP, and NDS posts. In last week in Afghanistan, more than 10 suicide and IED attacks have occurred that resulted in several Police, Army, Intelligence, Militia, and ISAF soldiers killed and injured. This does not indicate the insurgency growing stronger, but indicates the lack of coordination and attention among Afghan Security Forces. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) spokesman told in a press conference that 90% of all terrorist and insurgent attacks are neutralized prior to execution, 7% of the factors of attacks are captured within 2-3 weeks after the incident, and only 3% of the insurgents are vanished. He said that Afghan NDS is the strongest intelligence agency in the region (After the Russian KGB).
Khan Mohammad Mujahid, Chief of Kandahar Police died in a suicide bombing today (AFP). The attacker was said to have shot him first with a sidearm and then hug him and eventually blow his explosive vest off. In the incident, the police chief and three others were KIA. Later the day, Taliban claimed credit for the bombing. In early 2006 I met the police chief in Kandahar Air Field (KAF) when en route to Kabul. He was on the same flight. At that time, he was holding another police post. We spoke about suicide attacks and IEDs in Afghanistan and that how it affects minds of civilians and saddens people. He expressed grief over every civilian or military Afghan getting killed. “There’s no justification for such deeds at all” he said while sighing, “The harder you try to justify any of these deeds, the more you’ll gain confident in them being evil and no good for Afghans”.
A friend in US military discussed with me that there should be one source to whom we could relate all these incidents, but insurgency has gained many roots and there isn’t a single insurgent group, but numerous such as Quetta Council, Peshawar Council, Haqqani Network… but whatever insurgent groups are, there’s no difference and one thing is for sure that any action against the civilians and even military, has no account, be it Peshawar council, Haqqani Network or etc…
In attack on the UN delegation’s office in Northern Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan, 9 were killed, out of which 8 were international staff members of the United Nations. The attack occurred when an insurgent group penetrated the protestors who were demonstrating against burning of Koran – Muslims’ holy book in Florida by Pastor Terry Jones. The insurgents made their way to the UN compound killed the guards and eventually finding access to the expat UN staff and killing them. Witnesses say that there are several organizations and government offices that heavily guarded and a huge number of police force is deployed to that area. Now, the only question which arises is that why the police was incapable of defending the UN compound despite knowing that there are foreigners in that building. Karzai’s spokesman in a press conference answering a question of journalist repeated his usual template-wise words, “President Karzai has sent a commission to Kandahar and Mazar to investigate the factors involved in the incident”. He later said that “Even the police force has some restrictions in controlling a protest”. At this point, wise minds can figure out government’s status and ability to answer for their shortcomings…
During the strong wave of protests against Koran burning which hit almost all of Afghan cities, a total of 200 people were killed and injured, out of which the Kandahar, and Mazar incidents were highlighted as the worst ones. In Kandahar 12 died and over 60 injured as well as journalists who were trying to cover the demonstration were beaten to coma.
Strange incidents such as ISAF soldiers being attacked by Afghan police and army officers are getting bolder recently. In Northern Afghanistan, an individual wearing Afghan National Army uniform attacked a military stronghold where ISAF soldiers were present too and killed at least 3 and injured 3 others. On April 15, 2011, an Afghan policeman with positive ID pointed a gun at NATO soldiers who were clearing a building in eastern Afghanistan. The forces then reacted and shot at the individual killing him.
An ISAF spokesperson talking to me about killing of the policeman seemed aggressive. At first he expressed unawareness over the issue, but half a minute later, when I referred to the news agency which first published the news, he became infuriating and his words were conveying that the agency is not reliable at all. But, the report was accurate.
An Afghan thinker discussing this issue said that nowadays the overall situation has become very horrible that saddens everyone even when a military official is killed. Previously, the only grief expressed by the people and authorities was about killing of civilians, but now every individual’s death affects and saddens people throughout the country. He believes that there was a justification for death of military officers recently, because they are involved in war with the insurgents and that validates the killing of the military staff for them. Now the range of killing is gone so high that affects the people on every individual’s death being a military or civilian.
Over the past 10 years since overthrow of Taliban by the US-led commencement of operation Enduring Freedom, the guerrilla war against Afghan government and its western allies have become hotter and thousands of American, British, Afghan, and other troop contributing nations have been killed and injured.

Afghanistan has served as a battleground for the Global War Against Terror for the past 10 years making its soil red with blood of thousands of human beings.

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