A bloody day for Afghans

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Daily incidents
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One of the days I opened my eyes onto an email which indicated at least four injured in a suicide blast. Usually, injuries are not important and that is due to the heavy casualties coming up everyday.

Since 0200 GMT, four suicide attacks took place in Afghanistan which resulted in total 3 [ANP] Afghan National Police  KIA and 10 WIA. The suicide attacks occured in Eastern Paktia, in Kabul, and in Southern Kandahar.

In Kandahar, the suicider tried to Attack a US military convoy, but apparently due to ill-organized status, he set his explosive vest off before reaching the target.

In Kabul, the suicide attack was carried in a truck vehicle and hit a district government building causing very less casualty in comparsion to the size and density of the explosion. The would-be victims were lucky enough because in Afghanistan’s law, Thursday is also a weekly holiday for governmental organizations. They were probably sleeping at home when the “Mujahid” blew the vehicle off.

In Paktia, the suicider hit an ANP training center which resulted in 3 policemen KIA.


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